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Make money with iCornr!

There are several ways for you to earn money from adding your blog to iCornr. We will list some of the money-making solutions here. The main goal is to get as many readers as possible for your blog which will generate money from advertisement.

You should start with registering your blog with iCornr and get an account. Your blog will be available on iPhone for anyone to read with the iCornr app immediately after you register.

Money-making solutions

Why register and use iCornr?

When you register your blog with iCornr you will receive more visitors to your blog. In addition to your regular followers you will also start to receive hits in the iPhone app from users that aren't at a computer and can visit your blog with a standard web browser. There are about 100 million iPhones and iPod touches sold so the market is huge. It is just a matter of how many readers you can get to follow you on the iPhone.

By adding Push Notifications with your iCornr account all your followers iPhones will beep immediately when you have made a new post. No one will forget to read your blog! And you will get hits from every post you make instead of having readers only visiting when they are sitting at a stationary computer.

With iCornr you may also add feeds for your Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Podcasts. You can set up all these feeds to generate money whenever someone visits your iCornr in the app.

Don't miss out a great chance to earn extra cash from your blog!

Google AdSense

You can create ads with Google AdSense and display it as a header when someone reads your blog's posts in the iCornr App. The app supports displaying banners of size 468x60 pixels. By adding your ads with Google AdSense you get hits as if someone was viewing your webpage in a standard browser. (The viewer that displays your post is in fact a Safari Webview inside the app.)

Guide to adding Google AdSense

AdMob - Mobile Advertising

AdMob, is a mobile advertising solution from a trusted name. AdMob has recently been acquired by Google.

By creating an account at AdMob and starting a campaign you can earn money from serving banners in the iCornr app. From AdMob you will receive a campaign "id" which you add in your iCornr account. Ads served when someone visits your blog with the iPhone app will use this id and you will receive money based on how many impressions and clicks that you can serve.

Here is a short guide for how to register with AdMob and setup your iCornr to start serving ads with your AdMob id.

Guide to using AdMob

Get readers on iPhone

To make money from advertisment in feeds and on your webpage you must get as many readers as possible and you want these readers to visit your blog as much as possible.

With the iCornr app your readers will visit you more than ever before. Your readers will check for new posts whenever they get a chance. It could be when they are taking a short break at work or sitting on the bus. Just take a look around you when you are at a crowded place. How many are eagerly reading stuff on their iPhones? Compare this to only having readers visiting your blog when they are sitting at a stationary computer. Don't miss out on the chance to go mobile with your blog!

Get your readers to follow you with their iPhones by adding buttons and links on your webpage. You can find more information about how to publish your iCornr in the My iCornrs page when you have logged in with your account.


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Monika bloggar om spel och moderskap.
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