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iCornr VIP accounts offer improved features over the free standard accounts. When purchasing VIP status for your account you gain the following benefits:

As an iCornr App user you get:

  • Unlimited iCornr entries in your Favorite list (limit 1 in free version)
  • Advertisement free Favorite list
  • Can receive Push Notifications for new blog posts
  • Saved tab state.

As a blog writer/author you get:

  • Can add up to 5 iCornrs on your account (limit 1 in free version)
  • Can send Push Notifications through iCornr to all your blog's readers
  • Can configure music playlists to stream mp3 audio for your iCornrs
  • Can add podcast feeds to stream mp3 audio
  • Can add audio presentation
  • Can earn money! Read more

You purchase vip with the iCornr App on the iPhone. In the settings tab there is a button called "VIP Store". Click (Press) on it and you get more information about how to purchase VIP.

Current price in App Store:

US: $3.99

SEK: 28 Kr

U.K.: £2.39


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  • Titta gärna in i min blogg!:)
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Monika bloggar om spel och moderskap.
iCornr News
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Monika bloggar om spel och moderskap.
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